Wife of Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect may sue police for leaving her home ‘in shambles’, lawyer says

The wife of Rex Heuermann, who is accused of killing at least three women and burying their bodies on a beach, is considering suing the police for leaving her home in disarray during their search for evidence. Asa Ellerup is reportedly living in a “waking surreal nightmare” and struggling to pay for her cancer treatment, all while residing in a home that she claims was damaged by investigators looking for proof of her husband’s alleged crimes. In a press conference on Long Island, the attorneys for Ms. Ellerup, her adult children, and Mr. Heuermann’s estranged wife announced their plans to take legal action against the police for the state of their home.

Vess Mitev, the attorney representing Mr. Heuermann’s daughter, Victoria, and stepson, Christopher Sheridan, stated that their valuables were destroyed and their living spaces were shattered. He described their experience as a “surreal, walking horror show,” acknowledging the emotional trauma they are going through. Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney has maintained that the police followed standard procedure during their search of the house.

Ms. Ellerup is currently searching for a way to cover her skin and breast cancer treatment after her medical insurance, which is tied to her husband’s employment, expires later this year. She has spoken to her husband by phone but has not visited him and filed for divorce from Mr. Heuermann shortly after his shocking arrest. The family has managed to raise over $40,000 through a GoFundMe campaign initiated by Melissa Moore, the daughter of serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson.

The crowdfunding effort has faced controversy, as John Ray, an attorney for another victim found near the alleged crime scenes, warned against donating to the family due to their potential involvement in the case. Suffolk Police have determined that Shannon Gilbert died accidentally from drowning, but her family disagrees and believes she was also murdered.

Mr. Heuermann has been charged with the deaths of Melissa Barthelemy, Amber Costello, and Megan Waterman, after their remains were discovered on Gilgo Beach. He is also suspected of being involved in the killing of Maureen Brainard-Barnes. All four women were reportedly engaged in sex work before their disappearances. Other remains have been found in the area, but no connection has been established to Mr. Heuermann, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Bob Macedonio, an attorney for Ms. Ellerup, stated that Mr. Heuermann led a “complete double life,” with his family unaware of his alleged crimes. The lawyers have confirmed that there has been no contact between the authorities and any family members. Mr. Heuermann is scheduled to appear in court on September 27th.

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