Ted Cruz rails against Hunter Biden special counsel appointment that he requested

Ted Cruz, along with over 30 senators, had previously urged US Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint Davis Weiss as special counsel to lead the investigations into Hunter Biden. This recommendation was made on 19 September 2022. Less than a year later, on 11 August, Garland announced that Weiss would receive special counsel status.

However, Cruz is now criticizing the appointment of Weiss, calling it a “wildly inappropriate” choice to lead the investigation. In an interview with Fox News on 13 August, he described the appointment as a “camouflage and cover-up” and stated that he found it disgraceful.

Weiss, who has been serving as the US Attorney for Delaware since 2018, has been leading federal investigations into President Joe Biden’s son since 2019. Last month, Hunter Biden was reportedly ready to enter a plea deal related to unpaid taxes and a federal application for a firearm. However, the deal fell apart when a federal judge raised concerns about potential limitations on other prosecutions.

IRS whistleblowers, who have been speaking to Republican members of Congress eager to prosecute the president’s son, have claimed that it was necessary for Weiss to be designated special counsel because he could not pursue prosecutions in jurisdictions outside of Delaware. They also testified that US Department of Justice officials had prevented Weiss from seeking felony tax evasion charges in California and Washington DC.

Cruz is now accusing Weiss of either actively participating in covering up criminality and obstructing justice by protecting the president, or being complicit in these actions. He believes that Weiss was weak and unable to stop partisans in the Department of Justice from turning the investigation into a political effort to protect Joe Biden.

However, in their letter to Garland last year, Cruz and the other senators emphasized the importance of appointing Weiss as special counsel to conduct an impartial investigation without any political influence. Cruz’s change in stance now suggests that he believes Weiss has spent the last five years covering up the truth.

Cruz has recently sent a letter to Weiss requesting information and posing several questions related to whistleblower testimony. It is worth noting that none of these questions accuse Weiss of any wrongdoing.

Other GOP officials, including Senator Marsha Blackburn and Senator Lindsey Graham, who had previously called for Weiss to be appointed as special counsel, are now objecting to his appointment. Blackburn claims that Garland only appointed Weiss because he knows he will protect Hunter Biden, while Graham believes that Weiss has been compromised after a failed plea deal.

In conclusion, the appointment of Davis Weiss as special counsel to lead the investigations into Hunter Biden has sparked controversy among Republican senators, including Ted Cruz. They had initially recommended Weiss for the role but now accuse him of covering up criminality and obstructing justice. The situation surrounding the investigations into Hunter Biden continues to be highly politicized.

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