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Greek authorities order 105 soccer fans to be detained pending trial after fatal clash

All 105 soccer fans who are suspected of being involved in extensive clashes in the Greek capital, which resulted in the death of a 29-year-old AEK Athens supporter, have been ordered to be detained pending their trial, authorities announced on Sunday. The detained fans were questioned by three examining magistrates and two prosecutors in batches, with 30 fans questioned on …

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Chris Christie has some advice for Trump ahead of yet another likely indictment

Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, appeared on ABC over the weekend and criticized Donald Trump as he pursues the GOP nomination for the 2024 election. Christie believes that a direct confrontation with the former president is necessary. Speaking to ABC’s Jonathan Karl, Christie advised Trump to be cautious with his words in order to avoid further criminal …

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Georgia elections official rails against Trump making himself a ‘martyr’ amid indictments

A Republican official in Georgia, Gabriel Sterling, expressed his concern over former President Donald Trump’s ability to portray himself as a “martyr” to his supporters amidst his ongoing legal troubles. Sterling, the chief operating officer to Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, witnessed Raffensperger survive a primary challenge endorsed by Trump in 2022 after refusing to support Trump’s efforts to …

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Pennsylvania house explosion kills 5 and destroys several homes

Five people were discovered dead following a house explosion in western Pennsylvania. The explosion destroyed three structures and caused damage to around a dozen others. The incident occurred in Plum Borough, approximately 20 miles east of Pittsburgh. Plum Borough Police Chief Lanny Conley confirmed that the bodies of four adults and one adolescent were recovered after the blast, which took …

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Far-right militant Ammon Bundy arrested on outstanding warrant in long-running defamation case

Ammon Bundy, a far-right anti-government militant, was arrested on 11 August in Idaho on an outstanding warrant related to a defamation lawsuit against him. Bundy, known for his past standoffs with federal law enforcement, had been avoiding legal proceedings in the case over the past year, according to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. The lawsuit was filed by Idaho’s St …

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Georgia prosecutors have text messages linking Trump team to voting system breach, report says

Georgia prosecutors have reportedly obtained text messages linking a breach of voting machines to members of Donald Trump’s team. This comes as a grand jury prepares to hear evidence in a case surrounding the former president’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election results in the state. The state investigation, which is separate from a federal probe and indictment charging Mr. …

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