Donald Trump attacks ‘delusional’ Mike Pence over key role in election indictment

Donald Trump has criticized Mike Pence, calling him “delusional” following the revelation that the former vice president played a central role in the latest federal indictment against Trump. This appears to be an attempt by Trump to do damage control on his Truth Social platform, after being charged with four federal charges related to his alleged conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election and the Capitol attack.

In his attack on Pence, Trump referred to him as “Liddle’ Mike Pence,” claiming that he saved Pence from being ousted as Governor of Indiana. He accused Pence of going to the “Dark Side” and questioned his honesty. This statement is likely a response to Pence’s recent criticism of Trump’s behavior leading up to the January 6th riot.

Pence, who is also a 2024 presidential candidate, has been selling merchandise with the slogan “Too honest,” which refers to Trump allegedly telling Pence that he was “too honest” after refusing to engage in an unlawful scheme to decertify election results. After Trump’s third criminal indictment, Pence released a statement emphasizing the importance of putting the Constitution above personal interests.

During a speech in New Hampshire, Pence responded to Trump supporters questioning his loyalty and reiterated his commitment to upholding the Constitution. It seems that Pence is using Trump’s negative press to position himself as a more stable conservative candidate for president, while Trump is trying to discredit the indictment and Pence’s character.

Trump also mentioned a magazine article claiming that Pence was not a good person and expressed disappointment. The two worked closely together during their four years in office.

The attack on Pence comes after prosecutors from the Department of Justice requested a protective order to prevent Trump and his attorneys from sharing sensitive information about the case. The order specifically highlighted Trump’s tendency to rant and attack others on social media as a cause for concern.

At his arraignment, the judge reminded Trump of the consequences of intimidating or retaliating against anyone involved in the case. Trump nodded in understanding.

In conclusion, Trump’s attack on Pence is an attempt to deflect attention from his own criminal charges. Pence is positioning himself as a stable candidate while Trump tries to undermine both the indictment and Pence’s character. The legal proceedings are ongoing, with concerns about the potential release of sensitive information by Trump.

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