Ukraine Russia war latest: Thousands evacuated from Kharkiv as missile hits hotel used by UN in Zaporizhzhia

Huge clouds of smoke filled the air following a massive explosion at a factory in Moscow. The incident prompted authorities to issue evacuation orders for nearly 12,000 civilians in 37 towns and villages near the northeastern front line of Ukraine. The local military administration asked residents to evacuate or sign a document stating that they would stay at their own risk. Zaporizhzhia, another city in Ukraine, was also struck by a Russian missile, resulting in one death and 16 injuries. The hotel that was hit by the missile was frequently used by United Nations personnel and NGOs supporting those affected by the war. In response to the ongoing crisis, President Joe Biden will ask Congress for over $13 billion in emergency aid to support Ukraine. This request comes as the political divide on the issue of financial aid intensifies and American support for the effort wavers. Additionally, nearly 1,000 Ukrainian marines will return home after more than six months of training by UK military forces, while a Russian billionaire condemned President Vladimir Putin’s “barbaric” war in Ukraine. Furthermore, Ukraine has announced a “humanitarian corridor” in the Black Sea to allow dozens of cargo ships, which have been stuck in Ukrainian ports, to sail into the Black Sea.

In an effort to reopen sea lanes, Ukraine has established a temporary humanitarian corridor to allow container ships that have been trapped in Ukrainian ports since the Russian invasion in February 2022 to sail into the Black Sea. The corridor will be closely monitored, with cameras installed on the ships to ensure transparency and to show that it is purely a humanitarian mission. Meanwhile, President Biden plans to seek over $13 billion in emergency aid from Congress to support Ukraine in its counteroffensive against Russia. However, the political dynamics surrounding the request are different this time, as there is a growing political divide and decreasing support for the war effort. The White House is also expected to request $12 billion to replenish federal disaster funds.

In other developments, nearly 1,000 Ukrainian marines who received training from British military forces are set to return home. The training focused on amphibious landings and the use of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. This training will be valuable as the marines prepare to join the frontline in Ukraine. In a surprising move, the founder of Russia’s largest technology company, Arkady Volozh, publicly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, calling it “barbaric.” This is significant, as Volozh has faced criticism in the past for not publicly speaking out against the war. Furthermore, authorities in Ukraine have ordered the evacuation of nearly 12,000 civilians near the northeastern front line due to the security situation and increasing shelling by Russian forces.

Additionally, a Russian missile struck a hotel in Zaporizhzhia, resulting in one death and multiple injuries. The hotel was frequently used by United Nations personnel and NGOs involved in supporting those affected by the war. The attack has been condemned by humanitarian coordinators working in Ukraine. As tensions continue to escalate, Ukrainian forces launched a surprise raid across the Dnipro River, breaking through Russia’s defensive lines. The raid has led to casualties on the Russian side, with soldiers allegedly killed or taken captive. This unexpected move by Ukrainian forces demonstrates their determination to regain control of the occupied territories. Lastly, Poland has announced plans to double its troops at the border with Belarus in an effort to manage the increasing flow of illegal migration. The decision comes amid rising concerns about the situation at the border.

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