Russia-Ukraine war – latest: Putin’s troops ‘forced to retreat’ as Kyiv ‘retakes key Donetsk village’

A massive explosion at a factory in Moscow has resulted in a huge smoke cloud rising from the area. Russian troops have reportedly been forced to retreat as Ukraine has retaken a key village in Donetsk. Moscow’s forces have abandoned their positions in Urozhaine, a strategically-significant southeastern village that the Ukrainian military has been attempting to recapture as part of its counteroffensive. Reports suggest that Ukrainian soldiers used US smart bombs that were shipped over in March.

According to the UK Ministry of Defence, there is a “realistic possibility” that the Russian state no longer funds the Wagner Group, a mercenary group. The ministry stated that the Russian state has taken actions against other business interests of Wagner owner Yevgeny Prigozhin after he led a failed mutiny against the country’s army’s top brass in June. It also suggested that the Belarusian authorities are the second most plausible paymasters for the group, which could strain Belarus’ resources. The Wagner Group is said to be downsizing and reconfiguring to save on staff salary expenses due to financial pressure.

In another development, a Russian warship fired warning shots at a dry cargo ship in the Black Sea that was heading towards Ukraine. The Russian defence ministry stated that the ship was intercepted by the Russian navy and did not respond to requests to halt for an inspection. Videos of the fire at a warehouse in the Moscow region show thick black smoke and flames. The cause of the fire is believed to be a fertiliser storage.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, with Ukrainian forces seeking to pierce Russian lines in the western parts of the Donetsk region. Russian-installed officials have reported intense fighting in the area as Ukrainian troops try to gain control of key towns. Ukraine launched a counteroffensive in June to retake territory captured by Russia, but so far has not achieved major gains against well-dug in Russian troops. The Russian military says that the Ukrainian counteroffensive has failed.

Unfortunately, there have been casualties due to the ongoing conflict. A baby and seven other civilians were killed when Russian forces shelled the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson. The region had been reclaimed by Ukraine’s military from Russian occupation, but Russian troops continue to shell the area. In another incident, at least four Ukrainian drones were launched over western regions of Russia, but were shot down by Russian air defences.

In conclusion, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is ongoing, with both sides engaging in military actions and counteroffensives. The situation remains tense, and casualties continue to mount. The funding for the Wagner Group is also in question, as the Russian state may no longer be supporting the group financially.

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